Commercial Center Caiman in Varadero

Commercial Center Caiman offers you the big opportunity to buy a wide variety of products, items or good not only for personal use but for gifts as well.

Commercial Center is located on 62 street. It has a variety of shops, specialized on selling specified products such liquors and different beverages, including the most important Cuban rum. You can also buy the well-known Cuban cigar. In the center of this commercial building there is a terrace where you can sit and relax, has some cocktails, beers or any kind of soda while enjoy the Cuban music.

There is also a shop just four tourists where souvenirs and variety of items are sold.  If you want to come back to your country with a beautiful image of Cuba this is the right place to buy it. Do not hesitate.

Around the Commercial center there is an International Clinic in which tourists can find the best medical service in case of they need it. Just across from the clinic there is a beautiful hotel called Cuatro Palmas. There are some other places such as the restaurant The Fondeu. It works as a place for eating a delicious food during the day and at night it is turned into a disco where people enjoy the best music and the most refreshing cocktails. There is also another well know discotheque Havana Club nearby.