Golf Club Varadero

For the fields sport lovers , may address to the Golf Club Varadero , ideal for spend the afternoon in company of nature, here you may find a little field of golf adapted to the environment where you will be able to put in practice your gifts in this entertained sport, always knowing that it isn’t about the competition , is about spending some time of physical activities and a very fun one and by this way activating your body band mind. Field characteristics. 18 hole, par 72,5 hole par 5, and 5 hole par 3, which is a constructive peculiarity , the 8 remaining holes are par 4 . 6269 line meters of path from the first tee or out and the green 18. Bermuda grass 328 in the green areas , tees and fairways. Ordinary Bermuda grass in the cultivated zones of the rough. Later was introduced the variety of Tidfward grass in the Greens areas , and at the moment the variety Passpalum is being studied. The three styles of architecture of golf are combined: Classic design wide streets limited by trees, wide greens little protected. Challenger design or targeted golf , modern style with tight streets and very protected greens, surrounded with sand tramps and lakes. The Varadero field has a peculiarity almost unique in the world, saltwater lakes. Links design, holes located next to the coast of the sea, following the silhouette of the coast, including the sea as an obstacle within the game. In opinion of professionals of the subject and expert players, the design reached is of great quality, posibilitating at the same time an accessible tour for beginners and a true challenge for professionals since it owns 4 tees or outs in 15 holes and 5 tees in 3,facilitating the game to the least experts. It counts with all the required areas for the Pro Shop service, Driving Range and field maintenance . The Varadero Golf Club also counts with the exceptional Xanadu Mansion , where is located six luxury rooms , one restaurant with tables located sou within as in the spectacular balcony , one Bar ,and another in the basement with wine storage room.