The Fondeu

The Fondeu is located in the corner of the 1st avenue and the 62th street in the downtown of Varadero. It is one of the nighttime outdoor places more popular of the peninsula and very well-known by the visitors which like to dance,a varied cocktail bar and the cuban music. It opens every day and at nights it attracts a bigger quantity of people. At 1am, when the musical group finishes its performance,the bar continues opened,but the best part of tourists prefer to go to the disco Havana Club,that is located at the end of the 62th street and it closes at 3am or 4am more or less. This is an excellent option to spend a good time and to have fun.

Interesting data:

  • The entrance is totally free.
  • Some popular cocktails such as Mojito, Daiquiri and Piña Colada could be a little bit more expensive than in other places in Vradero, the price could be 3 or 5 cuc more or less.
  • The cover to enter to the disco Havana Club is 10 cuc per person.