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The tour to Cienfuegos and Trinidad will allow us to see two of the most emblematic cities of our country. First of all, we will visit Cienfuegos which is well known as La Perla del Sur (The Southern Pearl), that was founded in 1819 by french colonists. This city shows us a preserved Historic Urban Center pronounced in the year 2005 by the UNESCO as a Humanity’s Patrimony. Right here we will visit the José Martí park, which was named this way in honor to our national hero and it is a reference point in the city due to surrounding it we will find other places of tourist interest such as: The Tomas Terry Theater, The Church of The Cathedral of The Purísima Concepción and other constructions that belong to the colonial era. Really close to the park you will find an ample boulevard in which you will be able to have a walk in your free time.

Cienfuegos has one of the best bays of Cuba where it is used to find beautiful cruisers and bordering this bay it has a sea wall which is very seemed to the one of Havana, and at the end of this sea wall the land has a form like a tongue which is known as Punta Gorda (Fat Tip), a pleasant place to sit and to have a good time of beautiful sights toward the bay, really close to the Jagua Hotel, that is the main hotel of the city. El Paseo del Prado is the main way of the city which has numerous banks where everyone can take a walk, has a sit and observe the everyday life of the city. This place is very well known in the world because of the real size sculpture of the famous cuban musician Benny More, an inveterate lover of this city which is quietly immortalized in some of his songs.

Continuing with the journey we will get to the city of Trinidad, where you will be able to have lunch, if you desire it, in a typical cuban food restaurant. Trinidad was founded in 1514 and it is one of the colonial cities better conserved of America, which was declared by the UNESCO as a worldwide Humanity’s Patrimony. You will be able to walk in the city in its streets made of stone and you will find among the main attractions La Plaza Mayor which is located at the center of the city, the Brunet´s Palace which is known nowadays as the Romantic Museum, and The Church of The Holy Trinity. Here you will have some free time in order to know the city, for taking some photos or visiting La Canchánchara, a typical bar of the city in which its special drink is La Canchánchara, a drink made of honey, lemon, firewater and ice and of course you will be able to enjoy the excellent cuban music.

Departure from

Tourist Pole of Varadero

Estimated Time

9 hours and a half

The price includes

The price does not include


– Departure from Varadero
– A beautiful journey to Cienfuegos that lasts approximately 2 hour in which you can be witness of one piece of the cuban landscape, some plantations of sugar cane, citrus fruits, and others.
– Some visits in Cienfuegos: Marti Park, Purísima Concepcion Cathedral, Tomas Terry Theater, Ferrer´s Palace and former City Hall.
– Free time to walk along the Boulevard.
– Visit to Punta Gorda, Valle´s Palace and Jagua Hotel.
– Panoramic view of all the beautiful Bay of Cienfuegos.
– A beautiful journey to the city of Trinidad that lasts approximately 1 hour and a half in which you can be witness of the astonishing views of the Guamuaya Mountains and also the views of the Caribbean Sea.

– Lunch at a local restaurant in Trinidad.
– Walking tour around the Santísima Trinidad.
– Visit to the Central Park of Trinidad and the Cantero’s, Brunet´s and Iznaga´s Palaces.
– Stay at “La Canchánchara” bar where you can enjoy of some excellent cuban music and you can taste a typical drink of this zone: “La Canchánchara”.
– Some free time for you to explore the city.

– Return to the Hotel or Hostel in Varadero


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